Gregg’s Story

Gregg loved to laugh, and our collaboration with New York’s Gotham Comedy Club honors his fun-loving spirit. 

Every year Gregg’s Gift Comedy Night fills the club with laughter and joy. Gregg’s family and friends join with Caron alumni and the New York recovery community in our substance-free celebration. We are grateful to Chris and his team at Gotham for their support and friendship.


July 27, 1982 – October 8, 2008


Gregg was a special person who touched the lives of all of us who knew and loved him. He was big in so many ways: a big baby (almost ten pounds), an exuberant toddler, a delightful child, an easygoing teenager, and a hardworking young man with a big personality.


Gregg was an intelligent child and an excellent student. He worked very hard in school and was held in high esteem by all his teachers. He eagerly participated in sports and extracurricular activities. He loved tennis. He was a fine player who was on the Yorktown High School Tennis Team, played in USTA tournaments, and taught as a tennis counselor in the summer.

After graduating from the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University with a B.S. in Business, Gregg was eager to succeed in the business world. He worked for five years in the financial department of a real estate development company, learning avidly, and advancing steadily. The accolades he received about his work ethic and job performance were endless.


Gregg had many friends throughout his life. His senior class in high school voted him “most dependable”. A friend he knew at Syracuse University once said “everyone on campus knew ‘Grossman’”. He was incredibly funny, always putting a smile on the faces of his friends and family. Everyone appreciated his wonderful sense of humor. Gregg was also sensitive, compassionate, and a great listener. Friends regularly turned to him for help and advice, which he gave with great pleasure.


Gregg loved his family. He loved and looked up to his older sister. They did everything together when they were growing up, and remained very close as adults. He was a very loving and caring brother to his younger sister and younger brother. He played with them, entertained them, and was very responsible towards them. As a son, Gregg was an adorable, warm, cheerful, and cooperative child, and later a devoted, loving, and always humorous young man.


Gregg’s battle with addiction, and ultimately his death, makes us realize the harsh impact of drug and alcohol use, abuse, and dependency. Gregg is deeply missed by many. There are so many things that he will never see, and so many great things he would have done and accomplished. Gregg continues to live on in our memories, and his legacy will never be forgotten. His warmth, sensitivity, compassion, and humor will remain in our hearts forever.


At his core, Gregg was a kind, caring, and compassionate person. When he was receiving addiction treatment, he told his mother that he wanted to become a drug and alcohol counselor after he fought his own addiction. We, Gregg’s family and friends, are dedicated to helping carry out Gregg’s wishes to help others through Gregg’s Gift.

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